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Guided Pathways Demo Page

These videos were designed to provide a general overview of what Bellevue College Pathways is, and a very basic idea of what the different pathways can lead to, with examples of some of the possibilities. The videos will be embedded in web pages that can provide more detailed information to explain the process and what each pathway includes. Students will get more specific information in the workshops and with advisors, so the videos are not intended to provide all of the necessary details.

Also, they were designed to connect to a diverse population, as much as possible, within the constraints of keeping the videos short. The stories were initially inspired by real student's experiences, but then modified to varying degrees to meet the needs of the videos and the information about the pathways.

In an effort to make these videos as accessible as possible, the finished videos will not only have captions, but also audio description so that viewers with vision impairment can understand what is being shown.

This is the audio description test: